Design, production and installation of recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS)

Recirculating aquaculture farm “Aquafarmer 200000 PRO CF” for farming of african catfish up to 200 tons per year

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    The equipment is an intensive commercial recirculating aquaculture system for catfish farming. The farm equipment is manufactured by our company.

    It is located in a heated hangar with an area of at least 901 m 2 ). The capacity of the farm is up to 200 tons of marketable fish per year. Fingerlings (young fish weighing 10 g) are used as fish stocking material, and extruded feed of home and foreign producers is applied. The line is automated, the operational staff is min. 1 person, day-night duty; (in case of a high degree of automation the application of day-duty model is possible). The commercial output is the live fish weighing of 1.06-2.62 kg. The period of the reaching the project capacity is 3-4 months after farm launch. The production plan provides the continuous growing model with stocking every 3 months and regular fish sales throughout the year.


    Species of fish African catfish
    Year capacity 200 000 kg
    Required space 901 m2
    Hourly average power consumption 28,16 kWh
    Average annual make-up water demand 1,65 m3/h